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Tips & Trivia

Prepay cell phone service is way better than it used to be. Originally a pared down plan with cheap phone choices for those who couldn't pass a credit check, they now have better phones, lots of mins, text and data. Could be a great way to save $.

On a low carb diet? It's a challenge to find a reasonably priced bread substitute. Trader Joe's has almond meal and almond flour at decent prices for making muffins, pizza crust, etc.

Finding the right olive oil is tricky. I like California Olive Ranch. You'll find it in lots of stores at various prices. Walmart has it for less than most.

Shopping for a used car? Be sure to have an independent mechanic check it out, especially now that so many cars have been damaged by floods. You can't see the damage without a pro's inspection.

Spandex-heavy jeggings or tights like Lucy Hatha Capri Leggings should be washed after every wear so the knees don’t bag.

Bar Keepers Friend is the best cleaner for stainless steel cookware. A 12 oz container is usually $2.50 to $4. But...Lowe's has a 21 oz can for $2.18 or less.

TJMaxx has some bargains on stainless Calphalon cookware, but Bed Bath and Beyond has the best price I've seen lately on a Calphalon 10" tri-ply skillet.