Jewelry Designer Nili Akkurt is a native of Istanbul, Turkey. She currently lives in the Southwest U.S. where she is a well recognized creator of fine jewelry. Her work can be found in several high end jewelry stores.

Nili's works are all hand crafted with artistic precision and high quality materials. She picks up exquisite materials from Turkey and India, with which she designs one of a kind and limited edition jewelry. She uses pearls and semiprecious stones such as round and faceted agates, aventurine, various types of jasper, and onyx. She incorporates gold, silver and copper to craft truly unique and magnificent works of jewelry art.

Below are some examples of her work.

Nili Akkurt, Jewelry Artist
Necklaces & Rings with semiprecious stones
Mixed semiprecious necklace
Nili Jewelry Ring
Nili Necklace Mother of Pearl


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Jewelry Artist Nili Akkurt

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