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Ezine Queen International


1. No brown paper packages tied up with string. The shippers don't want string, it gets caught in the machines, and paper can tear.

2. Those P.O. flat rate boxes are convenient, but if you want to save money, you're better off with regular priority mail. They have free Priority Mail boxes that aren't flat rate, either at the P.O. or you can order online.

3. If you have apparel that doesn't have to be in a fancy box, you can save money by shipping it in a poly envelope. Even if you put it in a gift box, you can put the box inside a poly envelope - it's waterproof.

4. If you're shipping something fragile, like a figurine for instance, you need to pack it inside a box with bubble wrap, etc. Then put that box in a bigger box with foam peanuts all around the smaller box. If you're sending it USPS Priority, they have two different size priority boxes that will do the trick!