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Tips for eBay Shopping

1. Think you can't negotiate fixed buy-it-now prices on eBay? Sure you can. Email the seller and see if they're willing to knock off a couple of bucks. And don't forget to ask for free shipping. Think of eBay as more like a middle eastern bazaar - a good place to barter.

2. How to wait for the best prices on eBay. Do a search for i.e. "1971 Hummel plate.". Select "Save this Search." You'll get an email when a new 1971 Hummel plate (or whatever you're searching for) is listed. Wait for the lowest price & bid. Plan ahead and save! If you want to remove a search category, click on "My eBay" and select "Saved Searches."

3. Know how to find what things have sold for on eBay? Do a search for, say Guess bikini. When the results come up, select Advanced Search in the upper right. Click on Completed Listings. You'll see what didn't sell, what did sell, and the price it went for.